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Dear cleaning lady that came into the boutique that I manage and completely disregarded my existence , in efforts to ask my Caucasian colleague instructions for the store .. I’m sorry that your mind is so limited to what you’ve seen that seeing a young brown girl in power was of shock to you .

Dear Security on the plane that stopped me a few years ago while I traveled to Guatemala ( alone) to see my dying grandfather , I’m aware that in your heart it baffles you to see a dark person be considered Guatemalan , and that we normally travel there in April or Dec for holiday. BUT taking me into a room and antagonizing me about what’s in my suitcase is rather disgusting. I am nothing your pathetic little minds can make up of me . And when I asked why Am I the only person getting search on a plane full of over 40 people their response was ” it’s just protocol” . In my mind I said … No It’s just Skin .

Dear television,
You’ve done a great job at portraying “black ” people in a much negative light. Because of your programming , no matter where I go around the world, a perception of who I am is already made. Thank you for limiting the black woman, making her out to be an object of desire and less than a human being.
Thank you for showing the world she has ass, & breast and if she does have a mind, she’s the president’s whore (Scandal) .
Thank you for perpetually giving young black girls the formula to being a bad bitch. Celebrating the ex wives and slides of basketball stars and rappers will definitely encourage my niece to achieve higher levels of education and being one with herself …NOT.

Last but not least , thank you to all the people with rich melanin that fail to see that no matter what odds are against us it is our job to correct the youth and stop joining partners with the forces that are setup to keep us asleep & in the dark about who we really are . Kings x Queens.
….. Now back to watching videos of idiots doing the Bobby Shmurda dance .

Looks can attract anyone, only certain intellectuals can keep up and appreciate a Mind.. It’s okay ” Bad Bitches, there’s still time to become a Queen “. 👑

RBG Polish color ” Dew ” is literally the perfect summer color 😻

Beauty tips from the young wavy fox on Huffington Post ! Photo cred: @raydenesalinas www.huffpost.com

Bone : Yrsa Daley Ward

Back to the hustle B.

Monday . Monday.

Local artist just finished painting my idol : Fat Belly Bella aka Erykah Badu 😻

Loeffler Randall bags. Great read. Pepper. No hash tags . Cypher complete .